Monday, March 25, 2013

Something a Little Different for the Holiday

So Easter is this weekend and we've already done one egg hunt and two more coming up this weekend...not only does it mean a lot of fun for the kids...but also lots and lots of candy...bleh.....sugar crashes are the worst!  So in an effort not to contribute any more to the chocolate comas the kids will be in we're going to fill their baskets with local coffee shop gift cards-yeah they love their "coffees" with mom and dad(aka soy milk), hopefully some homemade playdoh since all of ours is brown now(no matter what we do they all magically mix together), and perhaps some socks or underwear since they're both big hits in our fam.
Don't get me wrong we still have our fill of easter chocolate...I jsut made this yesterday and have already eaten WAY too much....might tweak the recipe next time to have more graham crackers and less butter.

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