Friday, March 22, 2013

Going Low Tech and No Tech

A few months ago I made the decision to downgrade my phone-no internet, no browsing and only text messages no media. In an age where everyone else is upgrading I chose the opposite-I'm not going to lie it was HARD for me. I missed being able to constantly check my various accts to see what's new...guess what after a few days-I didn't care so much. The reason I chose to take this step was that my husband was complaining that I was always checking my phone and no matter how defensive I got...he was right I was always checking my phone.

It's been a few months now and I've realized a few biz did NOT suffer-I still respond to people within a few hours, our cell phone bill is much less-making finances a bit better, and I'm not constantly missing out on little but important moments in my family due to being on my phone.

I bring this up because yesterday I came home and was just frustrated...our house was a disaster and our kids were constantly whining about watching tv and we were just fighting all the time. So I did something drastic....I took the tv away. I unplugged it and hid it in my office. When my son came home home school(he's 4) he noticed after about a half hour and immediately threw a big trantrum(I now knew I was right about removing it), my daughter(she's 2) asked me what was missing aka why was there a big dusty empty cabinet in our living room....and my husband noticed immediately and threw an even bigger tantrum than my son. So you think the rest of the night was a nightmare right....NO we went on a drive, did some errands and then came home and instead of watching cartoons to wind down like normal we played a game-as a FAMILY-it was great and a lot of fun.

My husband made me bring the tv back last night-but he vowed to oly watch an hour and then this morning when he got up with them-they only watched 30 min of tv and then PLAYED. They have now been playing together for hours-they lived with the dinosaurs, got married, played a  board game, built a giant tower and are still going-

Don't get me wrong I am grateful for modern technology but I think sometimes we tend to rely on it too heavily and don't really realize it until we're at a breaking point. Well I "broke" yesterday and now we're working on rebuilding. 

Happy Friday!

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